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          Advance Logo

          Electrical Supply

          We carry a full line of electrical supplies and material for licensed electricians and the do-it-yourselfer.

          Electrical Supplies

           Our inventory includes products designed for the smallest home to the larges industrial facility... at the most competitive price! Our sales team will assist general contractors, electricians, engineers, and homeowners alike in designing lighting layouts for residential, commercial and industrial applications. We strive to be your best source for quality electrical supplies.

          • General Electric Panels
          • General Electric Disconnects
          • Miscellaneous Off-Brand Breakers
          • WIRE
          • Copper to 500MCM
          • Aluminum Direct Burial to Subfeed
          • Phone and Co-Axial
          • Romex and Underground
          • WIRING DEVICES
          • Leviton Residential
          • Leviton Commercial
          • CONDUIT
          • Plastic
          • EMT
          • Rigid
          • SUPPLIES
          • Thomas and Bretts
          • Broan Fans
          • BOXES
          • Allied Fiberglass
          • Carlon Plastic
          • Valen Steel

          *Ask About Our Package Pricing

          View the Cabinentry Gallery We Specialize in Design